Statement regarding Amnesty International Report on “Illegal detention”

8 Oct
Official Website of the Government of Rwanda
Welcome to Rwanda | Monday, 8th October 2012


In Rwanda, there are well-established rules and procedures that inform the actions of military intelligence with respect to national security threats. There is also ample provision for judicial review. These laws and provisions are in line with those that exist in many, if not most, jurisdictions throughout the world and are far less sweeping than in many countries. If and when credible information comes to light about the illegal use of torture or any other breach of the laws pertaining to the treatment of terror suspects, these are investigated through established channels and are treated with the utmost seriousness.

As far as the specific allegations contained in this report are concerned, it was explained to Amnesty in June that the courts had indeed determined that some illegal detentions had taken place. These occurred as a result of over-exuberance on the part of individuals within the security services and were dealt with through the courts which immediately put in place corrective measures.




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