Ni Nyampinga magazine’s 4th issue is out, with photography created by girls from my class

14 Sep

This is another good way, Rwandan women can be creative using skills like photography to express themselves and address issues that concern young girls in Rwanda. Great Magazine and nice photos. I recommend this piece of art!

Paige Stoyer Photography

I’m very excited to share a copy of the 4th issue of Ni Nyampinga magazine from Rwanda! The magazine was created to inspire girls to reach their full potential and to give them a place to have a voice and to discuss issues that are important to girls in Rwanda.  The goal is to have much of the content created by the girls themselves, hence my reason for teaching the photography class there.

This issue was about mentors, and how important it is that girls have someone to help inspire them, to show them what is possible, as well as to teach them a skill set.    The girls who we trained, who are now the writers and photographers for Ni Nyampinga, have the opportunity to pass that on now and to become mentors to other girls.

click here to see the entire issue translated into English from Kinyarwanda


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