Singaporean Youth build ties with Rwandan counterparts

10 Sep

Youth from Singapore are set to harness ties with their peers in Rwanda, a move seen to bolster bilaterial relations of the two countries as well as promote economic development.

Michael Raditya, the representative of SINGAFRICA, a Singaporean youth organization comprising of friends of Africa, is optimistic that through partnership, the two countries can foster growth and development.

“If youth from Singapore and Rwanda strengthen their bond and use it to share  experience, we can promote socio economic development of our countries,” he said during a cultural night held in Singapore.

The night organised by Rwanda High Commission in Singapore, attracted over 400 participants including a host of foreign heads of missions and diplomats.

Other delegates included Singaporean government officials, members of the private sector, the African community in Singapore, church leaders as well as many other friends of Rwanda.

The High Commissioner of Rwanda to Singapore, Jeanine Kambanda, said Rwanda banked on culture which has significantly contributed to many of its achievements.

“The organization of this Rwandan cultural night is a great opportunity to continue to enhance people-to-people’s relationship between both countries,” she said

The Rwandan High Commission in Singapore organized the Rwandan Cultural Night in collaboration with members of the Rwandan community in Singapore and Malaysia and SINGAFRICA.

Kambanda urged Singaporean youth to visit Rwanda to have firsthand experience of the country’s prosperity and also share their experiences with the Rwandan youth as one way of helping them to spur growth.

The event is expected to be held annually and will serve to sensitize more Singaporeans and foreigners living in Singapore, a city of international cultural exchanges, in order to promote the Rwanda’s development through culture and art.


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